The Best Of 3

S vs N

Creation type: Manual

S banned Insomnia

N banned Ruins Of Sarnath

S picked Deep Embrace

N picked Vale Of Pnath

S banned Blood Covenant

N banned Corrupted Keep

S picked Awoken

Deep Embrace

S banned Athena

N picked Anarki

S picked Slash

Vale Of Pnath


N banned Eisen

S picked Galena

N picked Ranger



S banned Doom

N picked Nyx

S picked Strogg & Peeker

S vs N - [DE] Slash vs Anarki | [Vale] Galena vs Ranger | [AW] Strogg & Peeker vs Nyx

Banned maps

  • Insomnia
  • Blood Covenant
  • Corrupted Keep
  • Ruins Of Sarnath

Picked maps

  • Awoken
  • Deep Embrace
  • Vale Of Pnath

Banned champs

  • Athena
  • Doom
  • Eisen

Picked champs

  • Strogg & Peeker
  • Slash
  • Galena
  • Ranger
  • Anarki
  • Nyx